About Gary Vesperman:

For over two decades Gary Vesperman has been accumulating an extensive database of some of the world’s most advanced technologies and inventions.

Retired Lockheed physicist Patrick Bailey’s padrak.com/vesperman links to approximately one thousand pages of Gary’s invention descriptions that have resulted from Gary’s research and collaboration with numerous scientists and inventors – a few of whom are arguably among the world’s most creative.

Gary Vesperman was a technical writer with 17 Silicon Valley computer companies including Control Data, Amdahl, Verbatim, Ford Aerospace, Ampex, and H-P, and with EG&G Special Projects in Las Vegas.

Gary Vesperman earned his B.S. Electrical Engineering degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1968.

Ken Rasmussen photographed Gary at the 2011 PowerGen convention in Las Vegas.

Ken Rasmussen maintains commutefaster.com/vesperman.html.

About The Inventions:

The attached PDF file (see below) contains 300 pages of information on a number of Gary Vesperman’s inventions, described as follows:

  • Larger Generators
    • Hydro-magnetic dynamo, focus fusion, hydrino generator, thorium power pack, global wireless transmission of electrical power, I.N. Frantsevich Institute of Problems of Materials Sciences thorium-232 energy accumulator, cosmic induction generator, colliding plasma toroid fusion reactor, wind turbine conversion, electrino fusion power reactor, induction coil coating increases generator output by one-third, Magnatron – light-activated cold fusion magnetic motor, Spintronic generator, WIN zero point electrical energy converter, plasma biomass gasification, nano-membrane pyro-gasification process, high-temperature incinerator, gas-phase catalytic fusion, phase-conjugate-resonator Tesla coil, protein nanowires, ball lightning fusion reactor, Nano-Boxx thermionic converter, direct energy conversion, solar radiant energy, and geothermal atmospheric liquified thorium reactor.
  • Smaller Generators
    • Casimer-layered electrodynamic generator, thin-film power generating disks, Testatika free energy machine, high-density charge clusters technology, energy catalyzer, cold fusion reactor with electric-to-thermal energy conversion, hybrid cold fusion hydrogen reactor, fiber-based cold fusion power cell, buried contact multijunction thin film solar cell, thermoelectric generator, converter of zero-point electromagnetic radiation to electrical energy, neutrinovoltaic generator, LANR, pulsed abnormal glow discharge reactor, self-recharging energy generating gel cells, electronically shaded photo-voltaic glass, MulTask Dome multiple-output omni-directional solar power generator, high-expansion magnetohydrodynamic liquid metal generator, Power Chip thermo-ionic generator, liquid Hy-Fuel, gravity force generator, multifactorial hydrogen reactor, laser-induced fusion, protium H+ stoichiometric hydrogen gas generator, advanced solar photo-voltaic crystal lattice cells, closed-loop phase-change gas system, geoexchange heat pump, self-recharging capacitive discharge thermal generator, ceramic electrodynamic wafer, solid-oxide fuel cell, splitter of water molecules, motionless electromagnetic generator, Richardson fuel-less electrical generator, Hawkings’ generator of cold electricity, radiant energy pump/electricity generator, controlled electron capture reaction, Hendershot magnetic motor, N-1 homopolar generator, atomic isotope generator, closed-path homopolar generator, switched energy resonant power system, high-voltage injection of rain water into cold fog, magnetic propulsion engine, Nova phase change engine, LUMELOID™ light-polarizing photovoltaic film, LEPCON™ femto diode photovoltaic glass sheet, Spiteri water pump, magnetic drive generator, OASIS electric power unit, maximum velocity wind turbine, laser-induced fusion in ultra-dense deuterium, Bedini SG charger, Nova-Neal compression engine, cold fusion thermionic generator, portable electromagnetic generator, and reactionless synchronous generator.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Super-conductive manganite substrates, amplified ionization filtration technologies, Sola-Q self-focusing omni-directional solar cooker, Aaftaab furnace, domestic lens, hydrosonic pump, IPMS-Chernovitsky super ceramics, IPMS micro-channels and filters, IPMS-Kiev and Arzamas-16 super magnets, capacitive step-down transformer, super steam technology, and new propulsion devices for space including electrino fusion power reactor, gravito magnetic device, space drive engine, Moe-Joe orgone energy cell, Walden inertial propulsion, magnetic vortex drive engine, double magnetic fields plasma reactor, magneto-gravitational converter (Searl effect generator), microwave engine, electron spiral toroid Spheromak micro-fusion reactor, internal rotating plasma rings, nuclear electric rocket, David Burns’ anti-gravity spacecraft, inertia-less craft and anti-gravity, atomic powered plasma rocket engine, tubular shaped interstellar space craft, gravity control, and meta-stable helium.
  • Advanced Self-Powered Electric Transportation Vehicles
    • Switched reluctance motor, fuel saver that nearly doubles miles per gallon of gasoline, Stanley A. Meyer’s water fuel cell-powered car, water-fueled internal combustion engine with Garrett electrolytic carburetor, Brown’s gas carburetor, water-to-energy electrolysis process, Richardson blade-less Tesla-type steam turbine, water engine, noble gas plasma engine, Clem over-unity vegetable oil engine, motive power generating device, multi-chambered rotary compression engine, closed-cycle Freon/rotary turbine, 90+ mpg carburetor, conical vortex heat exchange engine, four environmental heat engines, liquid electricity engine. Volcheck: engine powered by gas with unusual expansion properties, Muller motor/generator, conversion of aluminum internal combustion engine to magnetic motor, perm-mag motor, Walden amplified magnetic motor, other over-unity magnetic motors, orgone energy motor, torsion field radio, advanced computer-controlled suspension systems, monocoque (unibody) basalt/carbon fiber foam body/frame made with IPMS high-temperature gas plasma detonator, low-temperature diamond or titanium nitride coating of vehicle parts, Cool Chips thermo-ionic refrigerator, IPMS thermal electric cooling devices, Sky Train, compressed air-driven air conditioner/heater, salt water flow cell, Sirius ultra-capacitor battery, melanin battery/generator, electrostatic motor, Manelas battery charger, and one of possibly more than a dozen candidate on-board fuel-less battery chargers.
  • Batteries/Energy Accumulators
    • Diamond nuclear voltaic battery, QUENSOR™, Casimer effect self-charging energy cell, Bedini battery charger, catalyst induced hydrino transition cell, Maxwell Technologies ultra-capacitor, IPMS crystal lattice energy storage/battery device, nickel-iron battery, Baldwin’s super-capacitor, nickel metal hydride batteries, solid-state lithium-ion batteries, liquid metal battery, John Hutchison’s self-charged battery, endless electric field generator, Brown nuclear battery, Moe-Joe orgone energy cell, Yasunori Takahashi’s ultra-capacitor, thin-film electrolytic cells, organic quinine-based redox flow battery, Fisker flexible solid-state battery, melanin battery-generator, graphene polymer battery, graphene magnesium battery, thermal energy battery, and torsion field energy storage applications.
  • Radioactive Waste Treatment Methods
    • Refresher-regenerator, Purdue University patent, Hawkings’ generator makes yard-long white spark of cold electricity several inches in diameter – substances inserted in spark sometimes transmute to heavier elements, Gillembardo’s method, collective ion accelerator treats both solid and liquid nuclear waste, Radha Roy’s transmutation process, dematerialization devices A, B, C and D using highest powered positive ions ever, Russian process uses liquid lead bismuth to trigger transforming in the form of neutrons, Barker invented easiest, most effective, and least messy method for remediation of radioactive waste, Searl effect generator or David Burns’ anti-gravity spacecraft for one-way trips out of the solar system, implosion machine is electric arc welder modified to duplicate nature’s ball lightning, photo-deactivation using gamma rays, transmutation of low-level nuclear waste into glassy substance with super high voltage, 96% reduction of radioactivity by welding with Brown’s gas – further reduction is possible by utilizing liquefied Brown’s gas, combining Brown’s gas with bucking magnetic fields inside a plasma ball, Thomas Bearden’s electromagnetic conditioning method, accelerator-driven transmutation of waste, Brown’s gas-metal matrix process, photoremediation, ZIPP fusion process, RIPPLE fission process, low-energy nuclear transmutation electrolytic cells, plasma induced/injected transmutation, Kervran reactions, recovery of uranium from incinerated low-level radioactive waste using super-critical CO2, AmoTerra process, geomelting can encase nuclear waste in glass that is harder than concrete and lasts 200,000 years, higher group symmetry electrodynamics, plasma gasification melting, e.coli – Birmingham University, flame-free incineration in a catalyzer, John Hutchison’s raygun, fusion-fission hybrid reactor, ‘oranur effect’ method, graphene oxide, thorium reactor, bacteria neutralizes liquid nuclear waste, and low-energy nuclear remediation with ultra-low momentum neutron generator.

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