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Global Resource Alliance

GRA is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to bringing hope, joy and abundance in the Mara Region of Tanzania. By sharing ideas, volunteers and financial resources with local, community based organizations they seek to promote natural, holistic and sustainable solutions to the challenges of poverty, malnutrition and disease. The inspiration and leadership for their work comes from the communities they serve. They believe that empowering local communities to address pressing social, economic and environmental challenges according to their own vision and their own creative potential is the key to lasting solutions.

Website: Global Resource Alliance

Video: Hilton Worldwide LightStay Sustainability Award & Fund, 2012 Hilton Worldwide and Sundance Institute, Best Sustainable Practices Film, 2011 Green Screen Environmental Film Festival Santa Monica, CA – Best Short Documentary Film, 2012 Peace on Earth Film Festival Chicago, IL

GRA - Award Winning Video

Global Health Institute

The mission of the Global Health Institute is to educate health professionals, students and the media community on the discoveries, cutting edge therapies and emerging knowledge that is shaping the integration of healthcare. Through collaborative efforts with medical schools, academic institutions and other nonprofit organizations, the Institute is collaborating in research projects that are generating a body of empirical evidence that demonstrates the viability and efficacy of Integrating medicine for better patient outcomes. The Institute makes available information on it’s endeavors, via presentations and communications media.


EDUCATION: Disseminating knowledge of emerging discoveries, thereby providing the fabric from which the new integrative medical paradigm is being woven.

RESEARCH: Providing a safe think tank environment to explore challenge and vet new therapies. Creating cross-disciplinary bridges. Conducting studies exploring modalities that Transcend the current Western biomedical paradigm.

ARCHIVE: An integral resource for health care professionals, Students and the media community.

Global Health Institute Video

The Farrell Center

Mission: “Pioneering the development and application of Rapid Healing interventions* and practices to achieve tangible health benefits across a wide array of health concerns.

Initiatives: Private Care and Healing at The Farrell Center:Through providing private care services, the Farrell Center is pioneering the development and application of rapid healing and rapid anti-aging interventions* and practices for better health and wellness.

Charitable Care and Healing at Health Chaplaincy: Through providing charitable care services (no fee, by application) underwritten by philanthropic support, Our Team is advancing the integration of healing into healthcare for better health and wellness.

Education: Through making available educational videos, web-content and articles authored by recognized researchers, scholars, and physicians, we are educating the public, professionals, and the media community on the benefits of integrating healing into healthcare for improved health and wellness.

Research: Through collaborative projects with research institutions, and hospitals conducted by interdisciplinary teams of scientists, physicians, and hospital Chaplains, we are exploring the viability and efficacy of integrating healing into healthcare for improved health outcomes.

Global Energy Sciences Corp

“To build a solid future with integrity we need to look carefully at nature” – Don Smith, Founder of GESC.

Global Energy Sciences is researching alternative ways to bring earth friendly, socially responsible, green technology to wide use for the good of humanity.

Founder Don Smith looks to the wisdom inherent in nature’s design for answers. He has an extensive invention portfolio ranging from automotive, home and commercial design to solar energy equipment, wind turbine blades, compress gas tanks produced in light weight composites, aquaponics, non-conductive solar components to actual design and construction of boats and yachts.

MSSC ~ Monolithic Self-Surfacing Core: MSSC can be assembled into useful products that are both structural and quite literally their own power storage device. MSSC, a fully issued US patent Airfoil Structure # 8,424,805 B2, by inventor Donald R. Smith.

Power Storage: The geometry of the MSSC adapts to hold things like capacitor materials or battery polymers and a path for the conductors. It is light weight, enhancing power density, eliminating weight, & space requirements.

Patents Pending: Rebar Factory on Wheels, Rock Wall Tiles, Aquaponics Structure of Basalt Fiber, New Modular Structural Shell Transport, Aviation & Marine Casing for Power Storage, Battery Casing, Power Storage, Solar Flower Power/Replacing Metals for Solar Industry, Basalt Pod Design, Well with Solar Powered Sun Chasers

Websites: Rock Rebar: and Basalt World Corp:

Basalt World Corp ~ RockRebar

RockRebar ® is nature-made volcanic fiber from pure virgin basalt lava rock that has lain weathering to the elements for millions of years, yet shows no apparent changes. Nature has provided volcanic basalt lava rock in abundance. A set of proprietary melting technologies and a specific mineral mixture is used.

RockRebar ® cannot rust because it is not metallic, no rust – ever. It does not absorb water. It is naturally non-conductive, non-magnetic, transparent to radio, radar and microwave frequencies and immune to both nuclear radiation and ultraviolet light, an excellent thermal insulator.

It has excellent potential for seismic reinforcement. A resilient fiber tendon substantially stronger than steel or man-made white fiberglass. RockRebar ® is much lighter than steel rebar, non toxic, sustainable material.

Volcanic Rock Is natures durable material. Tenacious continuous basalt fibers suitable for structural purposes has the ability to orient tendons of continuous basalt fiber for optimal strength, function and form, then structurally solidify the arrangement of fibers within a proprietary polymer matrix.

Websites: Basalt World Corp: and RockRebar:

Solutions Discovery

Solutions Discovery maximizes the collaborative power of the internet to engage the world’s intellectual and creative capacities to solve the urgent and complex problems facing humanity. It ushers in a new era that unites the world through collaboration, expands our individual capacities, provides everyone with an equal voice, enables us to determine our future, and improves our quality of life.

Project Engine is a web-based collaboration software for implementing solutions. It’s function is to utilize the world’s vast amount of accumulated talent, skills and resources to apply the solutions arrived at in the Solution Engine. It provides the collaboration tools needed to collectively plan and apply solutions, and evaluate their effectiveness.

KOTO Technology For Humanity

Focal Areas: Housing, Food Security, Job Creation. Koto has three parallel visions, to eliminate poverty, energy efficient building systems and fire-proof building systems from bio-mass renewable resources. They have a unique package that combines manufacturing thousands of quality homes for communities, with specially packaged programs incorporating: Housing, Food Security and Job Creation.

Koto has a dedicated team of professionals, innovators, builders, engineers, architects, scientists and entrepreneurs.


KOTO Corp Video

Open Source Ecology

Open Source Ecology (OSE) is a network of farmers, engineers and supporters, whose main goal is the eventual manufacturing of the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS).

As described by Open Source Ecology, “The GVCS is an open technological platform that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different Industrial Machines that it takes to build a small civilization with modern comforts.”


O. S. E. Video-Playlist:

Trees For Life

Vision: A world where people accept responsibility for their actions which impact life on our planet.

Mission: To create hope through a movement in which people join hands to break the cycle of poverty and hunger and care for our earth.

Strategy: Each person or community that is helped pledges to pass on to at least two others their experience, knowledge and/or materials to get started. This starts a chain reaction—a movement—that can spread to many other people and communities. In this way, we demonstrate that by helping each other people can unleash extraordinary power that enriches every life.


Ecovillage Network of North America

A Region of The Global Ecovillage Network

The Ecovillage Network of North America (English and French speaking) is a region of the Global Ecovillage Network which was established in 1995 to have sustainable communities and ecovillages functioning successfully in all regions of the planet. Ecovillages represent diverse cultures united in creating communities in harmony with each other and the Earth, while meeting the needs of this and future generations. The mission is to have people in the region engage in the common effort to transform the globe through ecologically, economically and culturally sustainable human settlements.

What the Ecovillage Network of North America directs its activities to achieve a number of goals. It fosters the cooperation and facilitates information exchange among ecovillages in the region and across the globe. It promotes education in all aspects of sustainable living and supports research and development and use of appropriate technologies.

The Network also supports the exploration and evolution of sustainable forms of organization. In the Region, it develops strategies to enhance the operations and management of ecovillages; the effectiveness of participants in the ecovillage movement; and to encourage the practice of high standards of personal and professional conduct.

Further in the public sphere, the Network represents ecovillages and sustainable communists in public discourse and before governments. An additional goal is to nurture individual evolution to ecovillage participation.


Ecovillage Network Video

Primary Water Institute

Severe Drought? The Answer is Primary Water.

The Primary Water Institute is dedicated to teaching what is known about the volcanic origin of water from deep beneath the crust of our living world. This new water arrives at the surface through cracks, and fissures in rock strata, due to tectonic forces far below, adding to the hydrologic cycle at the surface, and in ocean basins. Fissures in the ocean floor, and cracks cause hydrothermal vents that release super heated water, rich with mineral content, to mix with seawater.

“We hear that the wars of the 21st century will be fought over water – rather than oil as in the last. Nothing holds more potential to abolish these wars – and ameliorate the shocking condition of nearly one billion people on earth without access to clean, safe water — than the science of Primary Water.” – Pal Pauer


Primary Water Institute Video

Village Lab

For a world of vibrant and sustainable communities in harmonious relationship with each other and the earth.

VillageLab is a collaborative distributed laboratory with sites all over the world working with existing networks of communities of intent including ecovillages, transition town networks, intentional communities, eco-city projects, community resilience projects, permaculture projects, etc. VillageLab is project based. Their prime purpose is to develop leading-edge practices in ecovillages and other sustainable and regenerative communities through the support and generation of a systematic framework of research, development and demonstration projects within ecovillages. VillageLab seeks to support any community of intent that is striving to embody a sustainable way of being or doing in the world.


Eagle Research

Energy Solutions Since 1984

Eagle-Research has been developing and distributing practical energy solutions since 1984. They gather information from diverse sources, perform comprehensive experiments using rigorous standards, then publish how-to books to share the results with other researchers and the general public.

Throughout the year, Eagle-Research hosts product demonstrations to highlight technologies, books and products within their lines of research. The main business of Eagle-Research continues to be the research and development of (interim) energy solutions. They do not patent. By sharing their research publicly they are put in contact with like-minded people around the world, who also share their ideas, then share the results by writing a book – Patent Free sharing and open cooperation, Brown’s Gas, Tesla Technology, Free Energy.


Eagle Research Video-Playlist

A Cure For Global Crises

“The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them” – Albert Einstein

This site has been created to present conclusions from over a decade of research into the causes of, and solutions for, the overwhelming convergence of urgent crises we face at a global level. The message is one of hope. Both the causes and the solutions are profoundly simple.


Gaia Education

At the cutting edge of sustainability education.

Gaia Education promotes a holistic approach to education for sustainable development by developing curricula for sustainable community design. While drawing upon best practices within ecovillages and transition settings worldwide, Gaia Education works in partnership with universities, ecovillages, government and non-government agencies and the United Nations.

Choose from face-to-face programs in 34 countries or study online with a global community.


The Sustainability Laboratory

Your partner in the sustainability revolution

At The Sustainability Laboratory, a US-based non-profit, they work to address urgent sustainability challenges facing the planet by creating and demonstrating effective tools for catalyzing radical change.

Founded on the belief that effective responses will not likely emerge from the same methods and mechanisms that perpetuate the existing crisis, The Lab is being organized to foster bold experimentation with untested ideas, approaches and technologies that transcend prevailing conventions.

The Lab’s work focuses on four interrelated areas of activity, essential for catalyzing deep change: Development Projects, Technology Innovations, Green Economics, and Education.


Phoenix Voyage

As a global humanitarian initiative, Phoenix Voyage is an educational multi-media production company, informational resource center and collective of action-based program developers. They help to promote and showcase businesses and organizations focused on the introduction and implementation of technologies and products beneficial to Life in all its glorious diversity. Their mission is to teach, motivate and inspire communities around the world to have a greater understanding of the present environmental sustainability issues and to implement solutions for a healthier environment and physical well-being.



Graphene-Info is a comprehensive portal for all things graphene. It was launched in 2009 as a graphene news aggregator and quickly grew to become a hub for graphene professionals and enthusiasts. Graphene-info is a cyber meeting spot for all kinds of graphene buffs, providing services, resources and news for professionals, as well as people who want to learn more about this exciting new material and its applications. We see ourselves as graphene evangelists, spending our time learning the material and interacting with players in the industry to form a solid foundation for the versatile arsenal of services we offer. We pride ourselves on having a unique understanding of the market, and aim to use it for the growth and advancement of the graphene industry.


Contact: Kathleen Smith

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