Humanity And Economy At The Crossroads:

By: Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli
Evolutant and Entrepreneur,
Founding President,
WSF World Spirit Forum,

A Paper presented at: Globalization for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI) – “Reclaiming the Moral and Spiritual Roots of Economics and Capitalism, September 2-5, 2012. In Association With School of Economics and Science. Hosted at Waterperry House, Oxford

Let me start by quoting Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky (1863-1945): “We are going through not just a crisis but a colossal turning point of human thought that happens only once in a millenium”. 1)

The opportunity for Humanity to turn in the right direction at the next crossroad has never been better. Never in history were the signs so clear and the knowledge so vast leading us to acknowledge the indications given by top scientists, politicians, economists, theologians, etc., that we can be optimistic and change our direction today.

It requires the wisdom of leaders, it requires authentic leadership, it calls for a holistic concept, where the importance of the five domains of sustainability (by Michael U. Ben-Eli 2), are recognized and followed, and humanity will find its way through today’s turbulences.

  • The Material Domain: Constitutes the basis for regulating the flow of materials and energy that underlie existence.
  • The Economic Domain: Provides a guiding framework for creating and managing wealth.
  • The Domain of Life: Provides the basis for appropriate behavior in the biosphere.
  • The Social Domain: Provides the basis for social interactions.
  • The Spiritual Domain: Identifies the necessary attitudinal orientation and provides the basis for a universal code of ethics.

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