The Colorado Center

Facilitating A Positive Global Shift


The Colorado Center

Dedicated To Positive Global Transformation

From Future's Vantage Point

Beautiful trees of multifaceted colors and fragrances align the long winding road leading to the Colorado Center. The vibrations are high, the vibrations are very high! Birds are chirping and squirrels are about.

Nature’s scenes abound. Pristine, majestic mountains overlook the Colorado Center. Wondrous awakened trees, flowers, plants throughout bring joy and a sense of peace. Sounds of flowing water add to what is.

The buildings within the Center ( city of light ) were structurally created to facilitate flow and raise consciousness. The enlivened materials within the structures connect with the flowers, animals, birds, atmosphere and the grounding cord deep within the earth, all flowing together so eloquently.

Kathleen Smith ~ Founder

Kathleen has ‘held’ the vision for the Colorado Center for over twenty years. She has worked with a number of the world’s leading figures in evolutionary planning and is involved in a comprehensive effort toward the realization of model ecological communities, committed to ushering in a new era of human and planetary well-being.

Kathleen has worked for many years in consolidating scientists, visionaries, inventors, innovators – all of whom are oriented toward a sustainable world.

She continues to focus on galvanizing breakthrough technological solutions, medical treatments/cures as well as disaster relief – and in this regard has earned an international reputation amongst scientists, doctors and innovators.

“The Colorado Center’s location is very important for it’s vibration, overtones, light and energetics. It is a communicator of sorts; a capacitor and key activation point. The Colorado Center will be developed precisely at the optimum location to maximize it’s potential, healing and effectiveness – unique and precise in it’s capabilities/calibration.

There are key energetic points throughout the globe. The Colorado Center’s specific location is very unique in it’s vibration and connection to our earth system. There is no other energetic point like this. It is of very high vibration which will help to facilitate positive transformation at every level.

There is a continues and effective flow of humanitarian outpour”

Centers Within The Colorado Center

  1. Educational and Informational Center
  2. The Sanctuary
  3. Healing and Wellness Center
  4. Research and Development
  5. The Foundation for International Medicine
  6. Financial Center
  7. Humanitarian Solutions

Best Practice and Technologies / Processes

At the Colorado Center there will be ongoing research and development of new and ancient technologies which will address toxic waste, pollution, new energy, water and food shortage, water treatment, housing/shelter, health/wellness, etc.

A ‘think tank’ of scientists, alchemists, visionaries and innovators will create, test and qualify the processes/technologies emanating from The Colorado Center.

There will be a continuous, effective flow of humanitarian outpour generated from the many innovative designs and products.

Sustainable Community

Healthy, non toxic, healing homes developed with materials and building designs that can withstand major disasters, with new energy, water and agricultural systems ~ all integrating with Nature’s flow.

Vaastu Science / Building / Design

The Colorado Center will be designed and developed in the ancient science of Vaastu, which is known to be one of the oldest and most highly developed spiritual sciences existing on the earth.

Vaastu is a complete and all encompassing science and covers every aspect of detail in community layout, optimal site choice, building design, engineering and construction. This spiritual science includes quantum physics, nuclear physics, as well as astrophysics.

The wave lengths of light, sound and the specific effects of each are measured, and optimal environments are created with very conscious intent. The understanding of geometrical form as the language of universal creation is utilized in this process.

Vaastu is about co-creating heaven on earth in practical, holistic and empowered ways. It is about creating harmony, health, and wholeness at the most fundamental levels and carrying these concepts through all aspects of the project. Vaastu supports the optimal human potential and the conscious reunion of all levels of our beings and awareness.

The qualities of the magnetic grids are checked. The correct or optimal site for the building, groups of buildings, community development is analyzed and precisely located. The flora, fauna, certain soil factors, environmental factors, water aspects including the direction of underground water flow (very important energetically), are analyzed.

Locating the building sites includes understanding the natural magnetic grid system of the planet, etc. which varies very widely in it’s various qualities. This also includes orienting (east/west, north/south) the building(s) directionally with the grid to optimize the energies and life forces within the finished structures(s). This orienting is usually fine tuned within about 1 degree of accuracy.

Environmental factors which may influence the ultimate qualities of energy of the finished building(s) are determined. These factors include the type, species, and qualities of the soil, flora and fauna; the relationship of trees (especially large ones) and other similar features to the planned building and the natural effects which may result.

Tests include the direction of flow of the underground water in it’s relationship to the building as well as directional relationships of the surface water (these relationships can have a very marked impact upon the qualities of the finished building).

The building designs will be brought within the sacred geometry of Vaastu. The result is called a “Living Building”. A building which pulses with energy and life force is alive and conscious in a similar way as a human being is.

Please Note: Kathleen Smith is currently working on transforming her vision of The Colorado Center into a reality. The Colorado Center will bring best thought and practice together to facilitate a positive global shift, always working for the betterment of all.

Contact: Kathleen Smith

The Colorado Center ~ City Of Light