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Kathleen Smith

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In Appreciation & Gratitude

After being introduced in 1998, by a mutual friend, Kathleen Smith and I began to work together. We already shared a sense of mission and held complementary visions pertaining to our intentions to bring forward projects for transformational change on the planet.

We agreed that our world was in a process of socioeconomic and political breakdown. As her work moved forward, Kathleen soon became known to leaders and change agents throughout America and beyond. As a result she brought together a team of advisors that included scientists and activists. They supported her concept and intentions to build a new center in Colorado to develop and advance transformational concepts, beliefs and communities.

Her associations and resulting introductions have been a key ingredient in advancing my work. But what is most remarkable about her history is the fact that her unceasing commitment has been accompanied by the chronic pain she has endured from physical disabilities and illnesses, during the time I have known her and before. Even though at times her life was threatened with illnesses her commitment never wavered, to create The Colorado Center.

I cannot help but conclude that her steadfast journey is a story about miracles. Because her physical challenges have remained unrecognized by her peers, I hope that someday others will come to share what I know.

By: John Holum

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