The Location of The Colorado Center:

Article by: Peter Champoux
The location for The Colorado Center in south central Colorado affords a unique sense of place that can only be described as holy as the emotions this place impart upon the soul rises up like the block-fault of the Sangra de Christo mountains. At their head Blanca Peak broadcasts the tellurics and high grade mineral frequency gathered by the mountains; focused by the silica of The Great Sand Dunes and rained out across this area with its outstretched arms.

A blessed land of austere beauty the San Luis Valley boast a major aquifer that makes this desert bloom. Often over looked but also necessary for human culture to thrive are naturally occurring Earth energies to fuel a thriving population’s creativity. South central Colorado is such a place where conditions exist for the formation of The Colorado Center, ideal location for its purpose. It is hoped this gaiagraphic report offers a perspective on the unseen but present dynamic earth energies that permeate San Luis Valley the location of The Colorado Center.

NYC has regional and global ley lines fueling its creativity as does The Colorado Center. While NYC’s global ley arcs over the North Atlantic to Europe, Blanca Peak’s ley line arcs the Pacific Ocean via: Beijing, the Bering Straits, and the Grand Teton placing the Colorado Center in this Pacific flow of global concordance. The Front Range of the Rocky Mountains is a telluric bandwidth with a number of NS ley lines and currents flowing as a charged breath bringing enlivening ‘airs’ to this place. However, generally speaking, this bandwidth is focused along the 104.5º W longitude through the Spanish Peaks to the east of the Center. While latitude is a geophysical effect of spin and light; a longitude world view measures time as a relative construct. By coincidence 104.5º is also the angle hydrogen bonds to oxygen forming water suggesting the Front Range at 104.5º West water bonds the English 0º world view to North America and visa-versa. Punctuated by volcanic vents the 104.5º Ley has Roswell, Colorado Springs, and DIA along its Front Range course. A third ley at play in south central is the Kachina Ley following the path of the Hopi’s Kachina creator beings who bring the summer rains from the San Fransico Peaks, AZ to the Hopi Mesas and on to the San Luis Valley.

Seen from space the San Luis Valley of south central Colorado resembles cupped hands. In the terms of sacred geometry a vesica piscis, the symbol for the intersection of spirit and matter suggesting that this place does the same. Like cupped hands filled with water this vessel of the fish is often found in religious art and architecture, like the pointed gothic arch. Marked by the arc of the Sangra de Christo mountains this unique configuration of geography creates a petal of the Colorado Center.

At the eastern edge of the great basin the arc of the Sangra de Christo scribes a circle centered on Ship Rock, NM. whose EarthRing is clearly seen in elevations reaching the heights of the Maroon Bells and lows of the Grand Canyon. Naturally occurring great circles in the land, named EarthRings, vary in scale from continents to bioregions like the Great Basin. EarthRings come in multiple sizes that mirror planetary spheres, proportions and qualities. As with any spin field, its edge has the greatest velocity.

Being at the vertex of multiple edges of EarthRings positions, The Colorado Center is at a place where it already exists in the ethers. At the intersection of multiple EarthRings, ley lines, and tellurics The Colorado Center is poised at this nexus where it can be seeded into the folds and petals of Gaia’s matrix as an alignment of people, place, and purpose.
Peter Champoux author of Gaia Matrix is bioneering the new science of Gaiagraphy, the study of planet consciousness expressed as earthscaped geometry.


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