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World-renowned Bio-Remediation company, BacTech is Revolutionizing Environmental Remediation.

We are transforming the way we clean up the environment. With the help of our bugs, we bring meaning to the idea of “green metal” by recovering metals while improving the surrounding environment in the process.

Our Bugs Eat Rocks!

Our technology, bioleaching, uses naturally-occurring bacteria to neutralize toxic mining sites and allows for environmentally-friendly processing in the mining industry.

Bandaid solutions to potential environmental disasters shouldn’t be the norm. We cure the patient: Bioleaching has the power to return hazardous sites to their natural state rather than just covering up toxic waste.

What does this mean for the public? Healthier habitats for living beings.


The Memory Of Water And Beyond

Frontier Discoveries on Water in Relation to Health, Healing and Subtle Energies

Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.

Water, the mother of life, is not a simple substance, as was previously thought, but a complex, responsive liquid. It can be “activated” by signals from the environment and by information from our minds and emotions, such that it is more like a living organism.

Although the number of molecules of the human body are 99% water, biology and medicine have focused almost exclusively on the 1%–the DNA, protein, carbohydrates, and fats–while largely ignoring the water of life. Indeed, the role of water in life has been marginalized. Loss of water is the greatest change in aging, which is poorly understood, too.

Dr. Rubik has been conducting research on water to understand how water changes in response to applied electromagnetic fields; the memory of water and how to change it; how subtle energy treatments alter water; how energy healers interact with water; and optimal drinking waters for high level wellness.


The Fractal Hydrogen Project

Hydrolysis by Fractal Implosion

Dan Winter

Releasing Hydrogen from water more efficiently using the new precise equation for the newly discovered accurate ‘music’ (wavelength and frequency harmonic series) of hydrogen.

Dan Winter…”wrote 2 new equations ( ) which for the first time elegantly pin both hydrogen radius and frequency to golden ratio times planck length and time (physics universal solvent of length and time).

He shows that this fractal structure of hydrogen is precisely the proof that golden ratio constructive ‘implosive’ charge collapse is the key to matter creation and energy from it. This means that for the first time an entire harmonic series electrically can be precisely tuned to ring hydrogen out of water in hydrolysis. Updates soon.

Update #1: “The current breakthru confirms that with Dan Winter’s new equation for the RF frequency kanzius used to burn water and the design of the circular polarized antenna geometry – is key”

Links: Discusses the fusion relationship to bioactive fields

Superlight, A Dynamic Aether

Explains Pushing Gravity and Inertia, and Says No Neutrinos, Gluons or Dark Matter

Dr. John V. Milewski

There is parity in the universe, and therefore light has two forms: electromagnetic and magnetoelectric. Electromagnetic light travels at c, the speed of light, while magnetoelectric light travels 10 billion times faster. These two forms of light, in their interaction, are responsible for all created matter and all energy forms.

Superlight is magnetic light, it is a scalar wave of Magneto-electric radiation that travels at C^2 or about 10 billion times faster than regular light. Regular light is electromagnetic radiation. Everything has its opposite or mirror-image counterpart, the Ying and the Yang, right and left, matter and antimatter, the electron and positron and north and south magnetic monopoles, so why not light?



Herbal Medicine

Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim

Medicinal plants constitute an extremely important resource for the development of the global pharmaceutical, cosmetic and fragrance industry. More than 40% of licensed drugs are originally of plant origin. In Africa, indigenous medicine is usually the most important form of treatment, a culturally accepted practice that forms part of a diverse local health system. WHO estimate that 80% of the world’s population depends on medicinal plants for their primary health care. In parts of rural Africa, it is the only form of therapy that exists.

African herbal medicine relies more on wild harvested plants than any continent on earth yet the sustainability of this indigenous resource is increasingly endangered. Loss of plants also means loss of accompanying traditional knowledge. The value of countless generations of observations of the application of certain plants on human and animal disorders is impossible to evaluate, especially in relation to present day global bioprospecting activities.

Sub Saharan and the Indian Ocean Islands contain about 60.000 of the world’s higher plant species, roughly a quarter of the world’s total. Yet the continent has only contributed less than 8% of the 1.100 medicinal plants commercialized internationally.

This situation has arisen largely because information on the traditional uses of African plants has seldom been written down but rather transferred orally from generation to generation by story tellers and traditional healers.

Recognizing the potential of the plants in one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, we decided to create the ‘Centre for Phytotherapy Research – CEPHYR so that we help to document and add value to the precious knowledge transmitted from generation to generation and to the unique biodiversity of the region. At CEPHYR, we are actively looking for phytoactive constituents with medicinal properties amongst other properties.

CEPHYR subscribes to the values enshrined in the concept of Sustainable development; respects the fundamental rights of people especially those who are custodians to traditional knowledge.

Trees For Life

The Moringa Tree Could Save Millions of Lives:

Moringa was known and used in traditional societies around the world in ancient times. People in these societies discovered a vast array of uses for Moringa. Ancient medicine claims that Moringa leaves prevent 300 diseases. Anecdotal evidence and preliminary studies suggest that Moringa leaves could be a miracle cure for malnutrition.

Moringa leaves contain large amounts of important nutrients. These include Vitamin C, which fights a host of illnesses including colds and flu; Vitamin A, which acts as a shield against eye disease, skin disease, heart ailments, diarrhea, and many other diseases; Calcium, which builds strong bones and teeth and helps prevent osteoporosis; Potassium, which is essential for the functioning of the brain and nerves; and Proteins, the basic building blocks of all our body cells. They also have a wealth of other complementary vitamins and minerals.

These leaves could save millions of lives

Moringa has all of the essential amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins. It contains Argenine and Histidine, two amino acids which are especially important for infants who are unable to make enough protein for their growth requirements. Experts tell us that 30% of children in sub-Saharan Africa are protein deficient. Moringa could be an extremely valuable food source.

Not only are the leaves highly nutritious, but every single part of the Moringa tree has been used for beneficial purposes; medicine, water purification, alley cropping, erosion control, a livestock fodder supplement, plant growth enhancer and for production of biogas.

The many benefits the Moringa Tree holds for our world is enormous.

(Please click the image on the right to open or download a PDF presentation).

web site:

Global Energy Sciences Corp

Researching Alternative Ways – Eco Friendly, Green Materials

Global Energy Sciences Corp is researching alternative ways to bring structural products fabricated from sustainable “Eco” friendly “green” materials to the world.

Their products are predominately based on specific breeds of volcanic basalt rock processed into tenacious continuous basalt fibers suitable for structural purposes.

Their proprietary technology gives them the ability to arrange tendons of continuous basalt fiber for optimal strength, function and form, then structurally solidify fibers within a polymer matrix.

RAW Video

Operating under the RAW® brand, Global Energy Sciences Corp offers a suite of low cost, hi performance non-rusting, non-conductive and non-toxic alternatives to the high carbon footprint of metals.

Global Energy Sciences Corp’s featured products are the concrete reinforcement products: RockRebar™, RockStirrups™, RockStaples™ and RockDNA™. GESC offers innovative high tech computer aided design with experience in low cost housing, infrastructure, wind turbine towers, blades, aquaponics and non-conductive solar components.


Biofield Research

Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GDV), real-time viewing of the human energy fields

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Scientific line, known as the Electrophotonic Imaging, is based on Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GDV), is a breakthrough beyond Kirlian photography for direct, real-time viewing of the human energy fields.

This technology allows one to capture by a special camera the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy emanating to and from an individual, plants, liquids, powders, inanimate objects and translate this into a computerized model. This allows researcher and client to see imbalances that may be influencing an individual’s well-being greatly facilitating the diagnosis of the CAUSE of any existing imbalances showing the area of the body and the organ systems involved. One of the greatest benefits to date is the ability to do “real-time” measurements of a variety of treatments for such conditions as cancer to determine which is the most appropriate for the client.

GDV Video

There are incredible implications for the diagnosis and treatment of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions with applications in medicine, psychology, sound therapy, biophysics, genetics, forensic science, agriculture, ecology etc.

Special applications are developed for study of consciousness.

The GDV technique is accepted by Russian Ministry of Health as a Medical technology, by Russian Ministry of Sport as an instrument for testing athletes of Olympic and Paralympic teams, and certified in Europe; more than 1000 doctors, practitioners and researchers benefit from using this technology worldwide. More than 150 papers published on GDV in different countries. Many Universities in the USA and Europe use GDV in their research work.

GDV Technology Research:

Click on links below to open documents in PDF format:

1. Method of monitoring condition of prostate cancer patients

2. Non-local Consciousness Influence to Physical Sensors: Experimental Data

3. Application of Electrophoton Capture (EPC) Analysis Based on Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Technique in Medicine:

You may find data at and in the books by Dr. K Korotkov at

Vibrational Energy Research

Life Ray: Scientific Research and Prototype Development

John Hutchinson

Public-minded inventors and scientists are invited to engage in scientific research related to using vibrational energy to eliminate radioactive contamination and to advance alternative energy technologies.


Global Health Institute

An Educational and Research Foundation

The mission of the Global Health Institute is to educate health professionals, students and the media community on the discoveries, cutting edge therapies and emerging knowledge that is shaping the integration of healthcare through research and dissemination of information.

RESEARCH: Providing a safe think tank environment to explore challenge and vet new therapies. Creating cross-disciplinary bridges. Conducting studies exploring modalities that Transcend the current Western biomedical paradigm.

The philosophy of the Institute includes a firm belief in evidence-based medicine, the concept that all treatments should be based on well-conducted studies that show their effectiveness and safety. To further this goal of medicine, the Institute has made a significant commitment to the conduct of research in complementary and integrative medicine.

The goal is to develop high quality research projects evaluating both treatments as well as other promising therapies. The Institute is thus not only helping research participants by studying state-of-the-art integrative and complementary therapies; it is also actively seeking to strengthen the field from a scientific perspective.


Biofeedback Modulation of Sacrocranial Wave

Patrick Botte

Patrick Botte is a Biologist, Electrophysiologist and Sacrocranial Therapist. His research focuses on the measure of our vital potential and how to maintain/increase our vitality using a biofeedback interaction based on modulation of sacrocranial wave. A specific modulation of this wave can also lead to increase our perceptions, our openness and our creative potential.

The key of the universe and the key of life is fractality. Our health (and our immune system quality) can be defined as:

  • The magnitude of our vital waves
  • The fractal quality (coherence) of each of our body waves (cells, organs, systems)
  • The fractal relationship/interaction of all the frequencies of our body
  • The fractal interaction/relationship of our frequencies with the frequencies of our environment and the universe
  • The magnitudes of the waves extracted from the cardiac signal, their own coherence and their coherence ratio to other waves give an indication of the vital energy quality.

A special biofeedback breathing induced by surfing on the sacrocranial wave affects the amplitude and coherence of cardiac waves. It will smoothly regulate energy circulation inside our body and, thanks to the generated harmonics, will also feed our organism with missing frequencies.

This regulation of energy circulation inside our body will help to release fixed circuits which open gates to diseases. It will strengthen our immune system and will act as a catalyzer for biological transmutations conducted within our body.

This kind of breathing also stimulates the emptying cycle of the cerebral ventricles. This stimulation promotes the relational link between right and left brain. As our mental part becomes more clear and our emotional part becomes more calmed, it increases our discernment ability and leads us to make better decisions. This stimulation also opens doors of perception, increases our creative potential, gives access to another level of consciousness, and stimulates the kundalini.

The biofeedback device proposed in this research :

  • Helps to retrieve lost perception of sacrocranial wave (most of young children get it intuitively)
  • Guides to learn how to breathe on it
  • Displays heart parameters and their relation to coherence (fractality) of vital waves



Operating Room of The Future

“We have a lot of dreams an unlimited amount of dreams. In almost everything you touch there is a chance to do something different”.

InSightec® developed a breakthrough technology that allows treating human beings without cutting the body. It provides a personalized non-invasive treatment that can replace invasive procedures and offer therapeutic alternatives to millions of patients with serious diseases around the globe.

The unique part of InSightec is that all these procedures are being done under real time monitoring and control of treatment outcome. So the user is capable of changing treatment parameters on-the-fly, not in retrospect, and achieves the desired outcome.

In many ways the system is a “Star Trek” type of technology. The system exists and is working today and provides:

  • Non-invasive – Non-ionizing treatment – No hospitalization – No incisions, scars, post-operative complications or long-term sequelae


GDV Video

Ball Lightning To Clean Energy

By Clint Seward

Imagine a world with abundant clean energy that is locally produced for homes, vehicles and buildings and costs 80% less than today’s energy. Clean energy will come from an appliance the size of a 10,000 Watt backup generator. Imagine energy without burning fossil fuels and without Anuclear fuels. New technology from ball lightning studies will make all this possible.

Ball lightning has been an intriguing natural mystery for centuries. I built a lab to make lightning bolts to look for the ball lightning solution. What I found was a way to produce spinning plasma toroids that looked like bright balls of lightning. This turns out to be a new discovery; a self-stable plasma ring that needs no external magnetic fields to hold it together. (Please also see this article.) The physics has been peer-reviewed and is discussed at

Electron Beams Magnetic Field Research

Jean de Climont

Electron beams magnetic field is not a result of electron motion but of their intrinsic magnetic moment

“Jean de Climont”

Abstract: This paper proposes an experiment intended for showing that the magnetic field of electrons is not the result of their translation, but of their magnetic moment. The magnetic moments of electrons are aligned in the metal cathode until the electrons are ejected towards the anode, and then they pass through the hole provided for this purpose to form a cathodic beam.Electric fields do not change the orientation of the magnetic moments of the electrons. If this beam is deflected up to 90 ° by an electric field, the magnetic moments of electrons are no longer parallel to their direction of translation, thus the magnetic field of the cathodic beam should disappear or at least no longer be measured by coils placed in a plane containing the beam, unlike what can be observed before deflection.

Additional Information:

1. The Rotating Conductors – Jean de Climont

As a consequence of the Rowland effect in a rotating conductor, the motion of electrons can not be the cause of magnetic fields and the intrinsic magnetic field of electrons is not a dipole but have a rotational structure.

As electron motion plays no part in magnetic field, there is no problem of relativity within electromagnetic phenomena. The experiment performed to verify this alternative view of electron magnetic field topology is presented in a new video. The Rotating Conductors, Space and The Magnetic Field of Electron: Click here: jdc english – YouTube

2. ‘Worldwide list of Alternative Theories and Critics

The Worldwide list of Alternative Theories and Critics includes now 9000 scientists. Please click link above to read the full document on Google Books.

3. Please click this link to see ‘Origin of Magnetics Field‘ video.

4. Einstein begins his famous 1905 paper by stating that a moving magnet has an electric field around it, in addition to its magnetic field.

This is in line with the interpretation of the Faraday’s experiment by Maxwell in the Maxwell-Faraday equation. But, this electric field should deviate a cathode ray in addition to the deviation resulting from the magnetic field of a moving magnet.

Such an additional deviation has never been observed.

The deviation increase should be more than 60% with a Braun’s tube anode powered at 350 VDC and a magnetic field amplitude of 7.71E-04 T pulsated at 100 Hz.

This is explained in the adjacent video entitled: “Einstein And Maxwell-Faraday Equation” ~ and the text of the video is included in the paper attached.

On Entanglement:

Entanglement is one of the most disturbing phenomena in Quantum Mechanics.

During quantum transition, an electron is assumed to emit only a single photon. A dissymmetry appears contrary to the principle of similarity.

According to the similarity principle, the generating electrons shall oscillate to generate the wave part of photons.

The emission of photons shall reflect the symmetry of the oscillations of electrons so that two identical photons shall be generated simultaneously and symmetrically so that they have the same probability to have a definite polarisation direction when they are emitted as well as when they hit the receptor.

This is explained (in English and in French) in the adjacent videos:

It is also explained in the first report in the book

“Fluid Mechanics and physics” – Assailly Publishing

Aether Light & Gravitation

Is the air noisy because it wears sound? The air is not noisy in itself! It is a medium!

The same should apply to aether. Aether is not luminous: it is only a medium. It wears waves propagating at the mean quadratic speed of the particles it is made of! And these waves do have electromagnetic effects by moving electric charges in the conductors. In the same way, theses waves are produced by the motion of charges and bodies. Theses waves have not any reason to be electromagnetic by themselves!

The video on the right refers to a medium filling space, an aether, wearing waves such as light and also explaining gravitation.

Video Above: The Aether : Light and Gravitation

Video Above: Einstein And Maxwell-Faraday Equation

Video Above: On Entanglement – In English

Video Above: On Entanglement – En Français

Wind Turbine Design Correction

Michael Waters
Current mainstream wind turbine designs are based on incorrect aerodynamic calculations. This is not a small mistake. It is a massive error and obvious once understood. A global industry employing thousands of physicists, aerodynamicists, engineers and chemists has misunderstood the most fundamental principle involved in capturing energy from wind.The error is in using the same aerodynamics as an aircraft. (For full article, please click on PDF image)

Website: Cure For Global Crises

Vision VTOL - The Future Of Flight

Michael Waters

Q: What if batteries had just 10 times their current power density? What would an aircraft look like? What could it do?

A: Wings become obsolete. Motors become as reliable as wings. Takeoff is vertical. Range is transcontinental.

Q: What if there was an even greater energy breakthrough and conventional fuel and batteries were about to become obsolete?

A: Unlimited range.

Welcome to a new reality.

Website: Cure For Global Crises

Contact: Kathleen Smith

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