Radioactivity Neutralization Methods, Energy Innovations & More

Free E-Books By: Gary Vesperman

The images below link to a number of free e-books by Gary Vesperman, each of which you may read online as a PDF file and download for free, by clicking on the relevant image.

The first two PDF Files / E-books are essentially a portfolio of radioactivity neutralization methods which have been accumulated after two decades of research and collaboration with numerous inventors – a few of whom may be among the world’s most creative. Some of these inventions could possibly be re-engineered as new power sources.

The third PDF File / E-book is a compendium of Space Travel Innovations, whilst the fourth is a collection of 102 Electrical Energy Innovations and the fifth PDF File / E-book proposes possible technical solutions to the Lake Mead water shortage (Boulder City & Las Vegas, Nevada area).

Radioactivity Neutralization Methods with PDF logo

Radioactivity Neutralization Methods Volume 2 with PDF logo

Space Travel Innovations with PDF logo

102 Electrical Innovations

Technical Solutions For Lake Mead Water Shortage with PDF Logo

Finally – Gary Vesperman has produced a list of key innovations and inventions, which you can read on the PDF below. The list includes: 314 energy inventions, 56 advanced self-powered vehicle inventions, 28 new materials, 20 communications and computer inventions, 7 security inventions, 17 health inventions, 1 education invention, 14 agriculture inventions, 7 waste treatment inventions, 123 radioactive waste neutralization inventions, and 7 urban designs. The grand total of inventions is 594.

Gary Vesperman List of Inventions with PDF Logo

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